Friday, October 16, 2015

You can't text a tough conversation

When it comes to the tough stuff, we need real, face-to-face conversations. But have we lost the art?

There’s no denying that as our use of technology has increased, our communication skills have decreased. Technology creates the illusion of being in touch, but we lose the deeper meaning conveyed by body language, facial expression, and tone of voice. We text when we should talk. We tweet firings and breakups. We vent our frustrations with other people online. Whether it’s with a spouse, a friend, a boss, a co-worker, or children, those tough conversations create high anxiety. In the end, what we have are broken relationships and hurt feelings.

In this timely book, communication expert Mike Bechtle shows you how to build strong relationships, offering tried-and-true methods to navigate the muddy waters of having tough conversations—in person. With his help, you’ll learn to be a better listener, give and receive genuine feedback, saturate your relationships with kindness, and much more—so that you’ll feel confident when it comes time to actually talk.

My thoughts: This book is an excellent resource for learning to better deal with tough conversations and confrontation! I found the chapters helpful, as Mike went from talking about how conversations and situations get tough and then moves on to helping the reader learn how to deal and diffuse those situations. I especially enjoyed the chapter about practicing listening, something I know I need to work on. This book is a great one to have on hand!
I received this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

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