Friday, October 16, 2015

Sacred Intent

Sacred Intent is a devotional approach in contrast to a practical approach to personal growth, leadership and influence based on Scripture. Crowe challenges you to think, dream and lead. Structured around the days of the week, you will learn: character-driven decision making; ownership of biblical values; and a commitment to influence through service. Topics include: a focused dream, time management, and inner calling. This thought-provoking and visionary book will appeal to young people and leaders burning to make a difference.

My thoughts: This book is a great road map on living with purpose and making the most of every moment. I thought the author did a fabulous job of making the sections easy to read, set up for a section for each day of the week. I liked that he mixed in scriptures and stories of historical figures (some of which I recognized and some I didn't, so it was fun for me to discover some new, interesting Christians who made a difference in the world around them). I especially liked the message of hope: even if you haven't lived a life full of purpose up to this point, history is full of people who didn't start making a difference until later in life. It's never to late to choose to live a life for God.
I received this book from Worthy in exchange for my honest review.

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