Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Hope of Christmas review and giveaway!

Picking a Bride for Paul
When Teddy Love’s neighbor and best friend breaks his leg, she pitches in to do whatever she can to help him on his farm. But when he enlists her aid in finding a wife, she comes to realize she has feelings for him.
Paul Baker follows his heart mother’s wishes by looking for a bride from the East who is refined and gentile, two qualities Teddy isn’t. When his potential bride arrives, he finds himself comparing her to Teddy. How can he go back and change things before he makes the biggest mistake of his life?

Typhoon Prompting

A destroyer escort is among the smallest of warships, but the USS Tabberer has the heart of a giant. A typhoon threatens the US Fleet in the Pacific during World War II, days before Christmas. The men of the Tabberer stand tall as they rush to the aid of their fellow sailors. For Seaman Jerry Collier, the typhoon prompts a greater awareness of what he wants in life. First, though, they have to survive.

A Dr. in the House
Emma O’Sullivan is one of the first female doctors to enlist after President Franklin Roosevelt signs the order allowing women in the Army and Navy medical corps. Within weeks, Emma is assigned to England to set up a convalescent hospital, and she leaves behind everything that is familiar. When the handsome widower of the requisitioned property claims she’s incompetent and tries to get her transferred, she must prove to her superiors she’s more than capable. But she’s soon drawn to the good-looking, grieving owner. Will she have to choose between her job and her heart?
Archibald “Archie” Heron is the last survivor of the Heron dynasty, his two older brothers having been lost at Dunkirk and Trondheim and his parents in the Blitz. After his wife is killed in a bombing raid while visiting Brighton, he begins to feel like a modern-day Job. To add insult to injury, the British government requisitions his country estate, Heron Hall, for the U.S. Army to use as a hospital. The last straw is when the hospital administrator turns out to be a fiery, ginger-haired American woman. She’s got to go. Or does she?

My thoughts: I enjoyed this delightful book of short Christmas stories! They are delightful stories with engaging characters and plots. I like that they are novellas, since the Christmas season can be so busy, so these stories are easy to finish even with the busyness that accompanies Christmas. If you are wanting to read a book to get you in the holiday mood, pick this one up!
I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit in exchange for my honest review.

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About the authors

Jodie Wolfe creates novels where hope and quirky meet. She’s been a semi-finalist and finalist in various writing contests and is a member of ACFW. When not writing she enjoys spending time with her husband in Pennsylvania, reading, walking, and being a Grammie. Learn more at www.jodiewolfe.com.

Terri Wangard grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, during the Lombardi Glory Years. Her first Girl Scout badge was the Writer. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in library science, she lives in Wisconsin. Classic Boating Magazine, a family business since 1984, keeps her busy as an associate editor.

Linda Shenton Matchett is a journalist, blogger, author, and history geek. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, a stone’s throw from Fort McHenry, Linda has lived in historical places most of her life-from Edison, New Jersey (named for the famed inventor of the light bulb) and Washington, DC to Wolfeboro, New Hampshire (reputed to be the oldest summer resort in America). She volunteers at the Wright Museum of WWII and as a trustee for her local public library.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Top ten books of 2017

1. Life After

This is probably the best book I read this year, since I loved the reminder to live today, since we don't know how many tomorrows we have.

2. Then There Was You

I've enjoyed all of Kara's stories, but this one is one of my favorites by her! I really liked Paige.

3. The House on Foster Hill

This one is a bit dark, with the human trafficking story line, but there is also a message of hope. I highly recommend this one!

4. The Ladies of Ivy Cottage

I love how this story reminds me of Elizabeth Gaskell's stories!

5. Jane of Austin

As I mentioned last week, this one made me want to visit Austin. I love the combination of Jane Austen and tea.;)

6. The Lost Girl of Astor Street

I was blown away by this one, since it was incredibly well written. I can't wait to read more by this talented author.

7. Just Look Up

Courtney is one of my favorite authors. I love her characters and that she has great secondary characters in her stories.

8. It Started With Goodbye

Loved this modern re-telling of Cinderella!

9. An Inconvenient Beauty

I didn't want to like Isabella, but she was just perfect for the story.

10. I'll be Yours

It had been too long since I last read one of Jenny's books. Picking this one up made me wonder why I waited so long to get more of her books! Funny, sweet, and a heartwarming coming of age story.

What books are on your list of favorites for 2017? Which should I add to my TBR list?

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Long Before Luther

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Where was the gospel before the Reformation?

Contemporary evangelicals often struggle to answer that question. As a result, many Roman Catholics are quick to allege that the Reformation understanding of the gospel simply did not exist before the 1500s. They assert that key Reformation doctrines, like sola fide, were nonexistent in the first fifteen centuries of church history. Rather, they were invented by Martin Luther, John Calvin, and others.

That is a serious charge, and one that evangelicals must be ready to answer. If an evangelical understanding of the gospel is only 500 years old, we are in major trouble. However, if it can be demonstrated that Reformers were not inventing something new, but instead were recovering something old, then key tenets of the Protestant faith are greatly affirmed. Hence, the need for this book.

After reading Long Before Luther, readers will:

Possess a greater understanding of church history and the role it plays in the church today.
Have a deeper appreciation for the hard-won victories of the Reformation.
Be equipped to dialogue with Catholic friends about the presence of Reformed doctrines throughout church history.
Feel renewed gratefulness for the unearned nature of grace and the power of the gospel.

My thoughts: This book is excellent and well researched. I enjoyed all the historical quotes and background to Luther's story. It makes sense that he was influenced by the thoughts of pre-Reformers, the big thinkers of the days before Luther. I thought that Nathan Busenitz does a wonderful job of making this book interesting and tying everything together. With the recent 500th anniversary of the Reformation. I love that this book shows God's hand in the Reformation before Luther.
I received this book from Moody in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Imperfect Justice

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“This is the way legal thrillers are meant to be—compelling, intelligent, and deeply satisfying.” —Randy Singer, author of Rule of Law


To the world it seems obvious: Kaylene Adams killed her daughter and then was shot by police. Attorney Emilie Wesley knows a different story: Kaylene would never hurt anyone and was looking for a way out of a controlling, abusive relationship. Her death shakes Emilie’s belief that she can make a difference for women in violent marriages. Self-doubt plagues her as she struggles to continue her work in the wake of the tragedy.

Reid Billings thought he knew his sister—right up until he learned how she died. He discovers a letter from Kaylene begging him to fight for custody of her daughters if anything should happen to her. No attorney in her right mind would support an uncle instead of the father in a custody case, but Kaylene’s letter claims Emilie Wesley will help him.

Thrown together in a race to save Kaylene’s surviving daughter, Emily and Reid pursue the constantly evasive truth. If they can hang on to hope together, can they save a young girl—and find a future for themselves in the process?

My thoughts: I loved this book! It would of helped to read the first book in the series by Cara, since the story is referenced, but it does stand alone decently, since it's about a different character than the first book. I like that it is a legal mystery, without being burdened with too much legalese. I like that there are two mysteries going on with the story, which really helps the tale move quickly. There is also a lot of depth to it, with dealing with an abusive marriage. Cara handles the story well. I highly recommend this one!
I received this book from Litfuse in exchange for my honest review.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holly, Ivy, and Intrigue review and giveaway!

My review: I enjoyed the different stories in this book, since they were all very different and yet all engaging. I think I liked the fast pace of Holiday Pursuit the best, though I did like that historical aspect of Christmas Murder Mix-Up and the added air of mystery in A Holiday Intruder. If you are looking for a Christmas themed mystery, then I highly recommend picking up this book! It is a unique holiday collection.
I received this book from Celebrate Lit in exchange for my honest review.

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Christmas Murder Mix-Up

“I have to get rid of her now.”

After four months of a blissful marriage, Paige is devastated to overhear her husband, Cooper, say those words to his best friend. Because of a suspicious Christmas gift, a gas leak, and a home invasion, Paige’s love for Cooper is tested to the limit. Will their marriage survive the Christmas Murder Mix-up?

Holiday Pursuit
When Brianna Rockwell’s brother finds himself in danger and disappears three days before Christmas, she does everything to rescue him. Brianna dodges bullets, escapes fire, and even turns to her longtime crush for help. But the closer she gets to solving the mystery and finding her only sibling, the more desperate someone gets to silence her forever…


Kelsey Jordan prefers upcycling junk and refinishing antiques for her store in a Georgia mountains town to being the center of attention. When a robbery and an unknown benefactor shove her in the middle of a decades-old mystery, and a real estate developer and a former baseball star compete for her attention, Kelsey isn’t sure who to trust.

About the Authors

As an avid reader, Joanie Bruce welcomed the transition from reading to writing and considered it a wonderful new experience to please others with her words. She has three published Christian suspense novels, and enjoys writing from her home in the country. Thankful that God has given her the ability to write, draw and paint, Joanie strives to use them to encourage others and to honor Him in all her accomplishments.

Alexa Verde penned her first literary masterpiece, a rhymed poem, at the ripe age of eight, and since has had 200 short stories, articles, and poems published in the five languages that she speaks. She has a bachelor degree in Spanish, a master’s in Russian, and enjoys writing about characters with diverse cultures. She’s worn the hats of reporter, teacher, translator, model (even one day counts!), caretaker, and secretary, but thinks that the writer’s hat suits her the best. After traveling the world and living in both hemispheres, she calls a small town in south Texas home. The latter is an inspiration for the fictional setting of her series Rios Azules Christmas and Secrets of Rios Azules.

DENISE WEIMER holds a journalism degree with a minor in history from Asbury University. An associate editor for Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, Denise is the author of The Restoration Trilogy, The Georgia Gold Series, romantic novella REDEEMING GRACE, and ACROSS THREE AUTUMNS: A Novella of The Backcountry Brides Collection through Barbour Publishing (May 2018). This wife and swim mom of two daughters always pauses for coffee, chocolate, old houses, and to write any story God lays on her heart.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Take ten: bookish settings I would love to visit

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1. Persuasion

Bath, England. I know Jane Austen hated it, but I think it would be fun to visit!

2. Jane of Austin

I may of visited Austin, Texas as a kid, but if so, I don't remember much about it. I have heard that it is a fun city, and this book made me think it would be one I would enjoy.

3. Lizzy and Jane

While this isn't my favorite out of Katherine's books, I did enjoy the introduction to Seattle! I think I would love the markets and foodie scene.;)

4. The Red Door Inn

Anne of Green Gables

Prince Edward Island. It sounds like a neat place to get away!

5. I Always Cry at Weddings

I have never been to New York City, but would love to someday!

6. Under a Summer Sky

Savannah, Georgia sounds like a place I would enjoy, with all the historical buildings!

7. Anna and the French Kiss

I should add a disclaimer that I haven't actually read this series, though it is on my TBR list! I would like to visit Paris someday though.;)

8. Close to You

This book made me want to plan a trip to New Zealand! My nerd side comes out with this one, since it is centered around Hobbiton. lol.

9. The Bronte Plot

Another nerd book for me, since the main character goes on a tour of the Bronte's home. I need rich friends to take me on trips. lol.

10. Can't Help Falling

This one is set in Oxford, which is on my list of places to visit.

So, there is my list! I stuck with actual places, though there are plenty of fictitious ones I would love to visit, like Hogwarts and Narnia. I would also just love to be able to time travel to different eras or jump into stories.;)