Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Shades of Mercy

Someday is the word that keeps Mercy and Mick going.  Someday, the world around them will accept that a Maliseet Indian and farmers daughter can be together. But in 1954, that someday seems like it might be a ways off. Especially when things start to change for the four Maine tribes.
Set up as the first part of Mercy's story, this coming of age tale is bound to delight readers. I loved the sspiritual aspect of the story, but I also really liked the historical side. I look forward to the next part of the story!

Bedtime Prayers that End with a Hug

This adorable children's book is fun to use at bedtime with it's topics that are nice and short, but have a nice variety of Scripture, thoughts, and ways to apply attributes. I think that it is a great routine to get into with your little ones, since it helps them understand how to apply Scripture to their lives at a young age. This book is also cute with how it ends with hugs every night, since the conclusion of each topic/story is a hug.:)
Two thumbs up!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blood and Bone

Jack Hawthorne is back, with another exciting archaeological quest!
Ten years have passed since Serpent of Moses, and life has settled down. He and Espy are happily married with two young boys, when one of their past adventures comes back to haunt them. Set on the run, and with their boys held as hostages, they must race the clock to find the bones of Elisha and uncover the secret organization behind caring for the bones.
This book is bound to delight old and new fans, as it is exciting and interesting! The story was enjoyable and kept me on the edge of my seat. Two thumbs up!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Princess Ever After

Regina Beswick found her destiny when she left the corporate world to work with an old family friend restoring cars. When Hessenberg  looks into their long lost heir, the thromeAs Reggie works to uncover her claim to the throne, she must decide if her destiny really is to restore old cars or to rule a nation.
This was a  very enjoyable, entertaining read, even if I knew nothing about the cars Reggie restores.;)

Runaway Saint

As Sara celebrates her 30th birthday, she experiences a restlessness she cannot describe. Married to a man she adores and owning a business she loves, Sara doesn't know what more she could want out of life. But, then her aunt Bel returns from a nomadic life as a missionary, Sara's life becomes fuller.
Filled with unique characters who jump from the pages of this story, this book is quite enjoyable! I loved the style of the tale and how Lisa Samson writes. Two thumbs up!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Free for Kindles!

Today, A Cast of Stones and Prophet are free for Kindle owners. Both are the first books in Christian Fantasy series. I've read both and they were quite enjoyable.:)

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Hero's Lot

A while back, I posted about new authors I had found that I enjoyed. Patrick Carr was on that list, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read his second novel, The Hero's Lot. It did not disappoint! The characters were every bit as real and fun in this one as they were in A Cast of Stones! I liked that the story is about more than one character and that it keeps you on your toes. Two thumbs up! I'm looking forward to reading the third book in the series when it comes out.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cloak of the Light

Drew's life has been filled with sorrow. When he starts college, he feels like the opportunity has been given to him to start a fresh. But, when he helps his friend, Ben, with an experiment that goes wrong, leaving Drew blind, things seem to go back to being awful.
Things take a turn for the better though, when Drew's sight returns. Though, there is a glitch, since Drew can now see other beings that he dubs the "invaders". Can Drew figure out what is going on before they take over the world?
I loved this book! It was part super hero, part spiritual warfare. The characters are well written and entertaining. I look forward to the rest of the series!

Dark Road Home

The second book in the Edge of Freedom series is more about Ana Kavanagh, a young woman who survived the fire that took her mother and sister, only to have to hide out from her uncle. When her uncle discovers that the fire didn't take Ana as well, he attempts to find her.
New and old characters come together in the second book of the series to bring another suspenseful story! I enjoyed the mystery and suspense with this novel and look forward to the next one!

The 5 Love Languages of Children

The Five Love Languages have been taken to a whole new level with this book, to help parents apply them to their children and make sure that they have a full love tank. I loved reading through this one, since it had a lot of good information about how to apply the Five Love Languages. There are stories to back up their examples, as well as ideas to help parents make sure their kids love tanks are filled. I think this is a great resource for parents.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Dating, Dining, and Desperation

The second book in the Dear Daphne series finds Daphne making new friends in the town of Appleton as her search for true love continues. When a Southern belle moves into her neighborhood, her friendship challenges Daphne to put her best foot forward. Will Daphne find true love? Or will her year be up before she finds someone to spend the rest of her life with?
I love Melody Carlson's books, with there fun story lines and interesting characters. They are cute, like a chick flick, and yet have some depth to them. I'm lookimg forward to reading the next book in this series!

Where Courage Calls

When Beth Thatcher follows her heart to teach in Western Canada, much like her auntie Beth did in When Calls the Heart, her world opens up. Moving from a privileged home to a mining town, Beth must learn to adjust her expectations.
I was thrilled to read another of Janette Oke's books, since she was the first Christian author I read as a teen. As I read through the first part of Beth's story, I was reminded just how much I enjoy Mrs. Oke's stories, since they are a wonderful mix of romance, adventure, and character development.  I also love that Christ is the center of her novels. Two thumbs up!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Running Lean

Calvin found a soul mate in his girlfriend, Stacey. His friends don't seem to understand his grief over losing his brother, but Stacey gets him. When she begins to take her dieting to the extreme though, Calvin wants to turn around and be her life line just as she has been his. But, nothing he says or does seems to help Stacey to see her God given beauty and stop her from going down the destructive path she has started on. Some things are truly only in God's hands.
I thought that this was an excellent young adult novel! It addresses several topics that are, unfortunately, very prevalent in our society. I like that this novel was realistic, not putting down how serious eating disorders are and how hard it is to recover from them on your own. This is an awesome debut novel!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Merlin's Blade

In 5th Century Britain, a black stone crashes into a small town and seems to bewitch anyone who comes in contact with it, giving hope to the Druids who hope to destroy the kingdom. The only hope seems to be in the most unlikely of hero's, shy Merlin, the swordsmith's son.
I like how this story incorporated more than just Merlin, as Arthur is in it, as well as the sword, Excalibur. I think that it is wonderful that there is more Christian fiction for young adult's coming out. I especially like historical/fantasy books that have been coming out recently. Zondervan is doing a wonderful job at making sure there is tons to choose from for Christian teens. Two thumbs up!