Monday, September 19, 2016

Take ten: Audio

Top ten books I would like to listen on audio:

1. Les Miserables

This one is on my list of classics that I need to get to. It would be the perfect audio to take on a cross country road trip.;)

2. Our Mutual Friend

Another story I have enjoyed, but haven't actually read. (BBC radio drama has a great version of this!)

3. In Between

Because her stories are cute, of course!

4. On the Loose

5-12. Harry Potter

I think the audio would be fun to listen to with this series! I also really like the cover of this one.;)

I'm not really one to listen to audio books, since my mind likes to wander too much, but it would be nice to get into the habit of listening to more while working on projects around the house or when driving. When I drove a lot for work, I would listen to the BBC radio dramas, which are a lot of fun. As are some of the Focus on the Family radio dramas (I love their Chronicles of Narnia!).


  1. I wonder how many listening hours Les Miserables audiobook would be? 50 hours? the book is 1500 pages long. Could be brutal. But I love the book. My TTT Audiobook Hopefuls

    1. It could be brutal, so perhaps I should stick to the plan if reading it someday instead of going the audio route. ;)

  2. Maybe audio is the way forward for books as long as Les Mis!

    1. I do wonder which I would like better, to read it or listen to it.

  3. I don't listen to audiobooks hardly ever, but I have listened to the Harry Potter audiobooks (and in fact, I am listening to Sorcerer's Stone for the 50th time). If you do listen to them, you have to get the Stephen Fry audiobook versions, not the Jim Dale ones. Stephen Fry is amazing at narrating and really brings the Harry Potter world to life.

    My TTT.

  4. Classics are the best. I think the last one I listened is The Great Expectation :D
    Here is our TTT