Beauty: Redeemed

Have you ever entered a toy store looking for a doll for your daughter to play with, only to find that there is absolutely nothing there that you would even allow in your home? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. We’ve also noticed the constant bombardment of an airbrushed version of beauty, from the movies we watch to the dolls our children play with. We decided enough was enough. Here at Beauty: Redeemed, we are all about embracing natural beauty and encouraging children to have a healthy view of what it means to be beautiful.
About Our Upcycled Dolls

Each of the dolls here at Beauty: Redeemed was found in a thrift store. Most were Bratz dolls, but there are a few Moxie dolls in the mix. They had been cast aside and were a mess. We brought them home, removed their overdone makeup, washed their bodies, faces, and hair, and painted new faces on each one. Each doll is uniquely handpainted. The outfits our dolls are wearing are also made of upcycled scrap material and are handmade. No two dolls or outfits are the same.

Beauty: Redeemed and Modesty

Most moms have experienced it, you walk into your daughter’s room and there are naked dolls laying on the floor. It’s actually a bit disturbing. Each doll from Beauty: Redeemed has a handpainted bodysuit under her clothes so never again will you find a doll completely undressed in your home.

Additionally, you won’t find short skirts or bare bellies on the dolls at Beauty: Redeemed. Each doll is in a long, sweet skirt with an appropriate shirt or a long, pretty dress

Our Story

Amanda and Jessica, sisters-in-law and the creative heart of Beauty: Redeemed, are simply moms with little girls. We’ve seen our daughters play with and love on dolls and we’ve seen what the toy industry has to offer. Jessica was amazed when she saw a video about a woman from Australia making-UNDER Bratz dolls. Tree Change Dolls were a huge hit because moms everywhere want the same thing. They want a toy for their little girls to looks like a little girl. Jessica looked at the make-under process and just knew she could do it too! And so, the first Beauty: Redeemed doll was created.

Jessica had a problem though. Although her artist skills allowed her to paint the faces on the dolls, her sewing skills were lacking. The first outfit was a disaster. The second was a lot better, a pretty, crocheted dress. Unfortunately, it took a long time to make. At this point, Jessica had the dream of sharing these dolls with little girls outside her own family, but knew there was no way she could do it on her own. She began looking for a partner.

One afternoon, Amanda and Jessica were chatting and Jessica shared about these pretty little dolls she was making. Amanda offered to try sewing clothes and a partnership was born. After a few tries getting sizing right, Amanda sent a snapshot of the first outfit to Jessica. It was beautiful! This dream was becoming a reality!

The rest is history. Jessica and Amanda worked hard to get these dolls made. There were hiccups along the way with broken sewing machines, impossible-to-make shoes, and a doll afro, but finally, the dolls were ready to present. And here we are! I hope you enjoy these dolls as much as we’ve enjoyed making them!

About the Name, Beauty: Redeemed

Because we have seen the over-sexualization of children today, we have set forth to take dolls that are, in our view, inappropriate, and turn them into dolls that represent the true beauty that God gives to each of us. Each doll that we give a new face, new clothes, and a new name represents something much deeper. The love that our Heavenly Father shows to us when He redeems each one of us.

You see, we are not unlike the “before” pictures you see here. And then, God finds us, cast aside and loved by no one. He loves us, restores us, and gives us a new name. So as your daughter plays with these dolls, take a chance to remind her how much God cares for her. And look into your heart and remember how much He cares for you.
Where Can I Buy Beauty: Redeemed Dolls?

We’re currently working on that. Our Etsy shop will be open soon! To stay updated, follow us on Facebook or Instagram @beautyredeemed.
Our Etsy shop

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