Monday, October 22, 2012

10 Christians Everyone Should Know

10 Christians Everyone Should Know, edited by John Perry
What does a classic literature author, a WWI hero, and former slave have in common? They are three of the ten Christians that this book thinks everyone should know.
Split into ten different chapters, covering the lives of Jane Austen, Sergeant York, St. Patrick, D.L. Moody, Anne Bradstreet, William F. Buckley Jr, George Washington Carver, Galileo, Johann Sebastian Bach, and John Bunyan, this book gives a glimpse of people from all walks of life around the globe who lived for the Lord. Some of them are names we all recognize, while a few have all but fallen into obscurity.
My particular favorites were Anne Bradstreet, who was a poet in the American wilderness, and George Washington Carver, who went from slavery to one of the greatest scientist/inventors.
The only thing I felt could of been addressed a bit better was why these ten were chosen over others out there. That said, I still think this is an excellent book of short biographies to expose one to interesting Christians through the years.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Samantha Crawford's life turns upside down when she gets a call from the police regarding her husband. Left a widow at a young age, life takes a turn for the unexpected when she decides to take matters into her own hands. Thrown into the life of a childhood friend, Sam finds that sometimes the best way to overcome your grief is to put others first.
Based on a true story that has recently been made into a movie. I thought the book excellent and look forward to seeing the movie!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Five foods

1. Avocados, especially when made up into guacamole.

2. A good dark chocolate.

3. Sharp cheddar cheese

4. Pumpkin pie.

5. Fruit.

Today's Shadow's

When Heather Conrad leaves her job in hotel management to follow her pipe dream of opening a coffee shop chain, she lands in Racine, Wisconsin. House sitting for her old boss, and playing nanny to her former boss's seven year old, things quickly deviate from the vacation plan Heather had. Things grow strange as people begin randomly, and not so randomly, popping in to her life. Not to mention, the old house she is staying is has not only secret rooms, but a story of its own.
I like that the story bounced between two sets of characters, one set in 1911-1912, and the other in present day. While it was a bit hard to get into to the story, after a bit, there is so much going on that you want to see how it all ends. The characters were engaging, albeit rather shallow at times. I give this story a four out of five.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Double Blind by Brandilyn Collins

What would you be willing to do in order to live a normal life again? What lengths would you go to in order to no longer be crippled by grief and fears? That is exactly the question that Lisa asks herself when she applies for a trial to receive and "Empowerment chip". As long as she gets an actual chip and not a placebo, her whole life could change. For the better.
But things are not as up front as they seem. Even though she things the chip actually healed her grief and fear, she begins to have nightmares about a murder. Through the eyes of a man with a dragon ring. Is she going crazy? Or psychic? Or is there more to the chip than meets the eye?
Together with a motley group at her side, they decide to get to the bottom of the visions, even if it means facing fears.
I thought this book was clever. Not to mention, I liked it being from Lisa's point of view, since it gives on an idea of the consuming darkness that can come with depression. I loved the realization that she came to: God is always near. If we can't feel Him, then it is us who needs to move or open the lines of communication.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mother of Pearl

Barrie Graeber has a quaint life: a loving husband, two great kids, and a job as the school counselor, which she loves. When her daughter sees her best friend on a date with her boyfriend, Pearl's (and Barrie's, as a result) world spins out of control. Once close, now Barrie must try to figure out how to reach her and to listen to the Father who is trying to reach both of them.
Filled with emotion, this book was amazing! Messy and unpredictable, and yet very much like real life. I thought the author did a fabulous job with keeping the story moving and pointing readers to the only one who can fix broken hearts.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Tutor's Daughter

Emma Smallwood is used to having it all under control. Deemed a "bluestocking" at a young age for her love of books, she now assists her father in tutoring boys to prepare them for University. When circumstances beyond her control leave their business less than triving, her father decides to take a post teaching two new students in the home of two former ones.
But all is not as it seems at Ebbington Manor, and Emma's world spins out of her control, leaving her to find that sometimes the best place to be is in the hands of the Father.
I've read a few of Julie Klassen's books and have to say that she outdid herself with this one! I think it is the best yet! I couldn't put it down, since it was a delightful combination of the classics and gothic mystery. I highly recommend this one!