Friday, July 9, 2010

What do you think it takes to be lucky? I was reading a book called The Survivors Club and it talked about this idea that some people are lucky than others. You know what I got out of it? That most people aren't so much lucky as that they choice to take what life throws at them and dwell on the positive. Not the negative. They also notice the chance opportunities, which I would venture to say is because they are upbeat and enjoying life around them. They also generally listen to their hunches, persevere in the face of failure, have the ability to turn bad luck into good fortune, and can have a uncanny ability to make their wishes come true.
So, what do you say? I thought it was interesting, but I think luck really boils down to how we handle life and what is thrown in our direction. We all have bad days, but its what we do with those bad days that can make all the difference.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I try to hear from heaven, but I talk the whole time

It has been hitting me that I'm getting married in just over three months and that there are a bazillion little details we need to have figured out before the wedding date. Who knew there were so many little things that need attention? Its fun, even if I have no clue what kind of wording to put on the invitations (though I do know that I want both sets of parents to be on there) or the order of the service. Its been a journey for us, alright!

We took some of our engagement pictures last week with my mom. What fun! We went to an old estate, which Andrew's sister in law had suggested. Its perfect for taking photos!