Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm in the process of moving all of my books out of my parents house and into my own. How did I accumulate so many over the years? My parents used to tease me that my books were my dowry.;) Guess I should of warned Andrew of that. lol.
We have one bookcase up right now. Once the living and dining rooms are (relatively) dust free, I hope to help (watch?:D) Andrew make a few to go in there.
All the possibilities!:D

A while back, we received a notice from our insurance company that informed us they no longer wanted to cover if our house stayed the way it was. They requested we remove the wood burning stove pipe that was left in the house, since it wasn't being used (which wasn't a huge deal) and to paint the exterior of the addition. What? In the middle of Winter? I can't say we were terrible happy. Thankfully though, the Lord blessed us with some gorgeous weather, so we were able to get the mud room painted in time.

Markets have started up again! We went to the KC Food Circle expo at the Sermon Center on Saturday and will attend the next expo this weekend at the Shawnee Mission Civic Center. It is nice to have a few Saturday's off in the Winter time, but by the time warmer weather is here, I'm ready for the markets to start up again. Its like a homecoming when you go to the first one and see all your favorite venders and customers.;)

We are working on our gluten free site, which the lovely Miss. Laura is helping us design. I'm afraid that there isn't much to the site ( at the moment. We are working on adding some content to the site. I do believe that is the hard part, attempting to come up with something interesting and engaging, and yet to the point.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Might not be the stuff I would choose, but this is the stuff You use. Francesca Battostelli

This winter has made me seriously reconsider my choice in a vehicle. I used to love it, but somehow, with all the Winter storms, I have lost my appreciation for my car. Why, you ask? It is rear wheel drive.
Just last week I was driving to my parents house, on the way home from work, when I wound up in the ditch. My youngest brother was in the car with me and lamented that "Every Winter I wind up in the ditch with you!". lol. (It's not quite that bad!) His comment made me realize that he was reflecting my own thoughts. Instead of realizing how blessed we were that no one was behind us when we spun all over the road, we were focusing on the inconvenience. There have been several instances like this one over the last couple weeks. Like, the time we had to cut into the newly painted wall to replace the shower fixture. It was sad to have to take a step backward. Yet, we found that some of the plumbing had been cross threaded. It was better to find that out now, rather than waiting till it caused problems!
Its made me think of the things that happen every day that I count as an inconvenience, rather than to see if for the blessing it is.