Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Columbus Code

The Columbus Code is just that the true, historical puzzle few could comprehend until today. Consistent with great historical fiction of our time, New York Times best-sell author Mike Evans pens a story replete with intrigue, adventure, and brutal persecution. The story begins with John Winters, an American Secret Service agent, who unravels centuries old truths about Christopher Columbus and the real drama that lay behind those famous voyages to the Americas.

My thoughts: This book had my attention from the get go! John Winters is a Secret Service agent on leave after going through a traumatic experience on the field, the whole story coming out over the course of the book. When he returns to his childhood home for his mother's funeral, he finds genealogy records that she left behind to try and prove that they were descendants Christopher Columbus. Thinking it is a harmless hobby that will keep him from getting bored on his time off, Winters soon sets off on an incredible journey.
Fans of Dan Brown and suspense stories should check this one out, since it is a fun story! It's easy to read and get caught up in. I like that there are a lot of players in the story and that the reader doesn't have the luxury of figuring out this mystery to fast.;)
I received this book from Worthy in exchange for my honest review.

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