Saturday, September 5, 2015

French Accents

There’s nothing better than a little “joie de vivre” to brighten up your decor! Filled with gorgeous photography and an abundance of helpful design ideas, this book is guaranteed to bring the cozy comfort of classic French style into your home. Learn how to create an inviting look that will welcome friends and family and help you show off your own creative taste.

This beautiful book includes ideas for the beginner or the experienced interior designer who has a love for French or Country French design.

Joyce walks her readers through the process of analyzing a room prior to redecorating and then gives pointers for success, whether you intend to redecorate all at once or just by baby steps with one basket or lamp at a time. She includes tips and tricks for knowing where to shop for authentic French antiques, how to get the best deals at auctions, and how to re-purpose your existing decor to give it a “French” look.

Helpful tutorials for creating your own paint finishes and sewing slipcovers are included as well. You’ll also get the grand tour with photos of home interiors that use some of her techniques, including some that have “bent the rules” to bring in just enough rustic, chippy, casual French design to make the home livable and loveable.

My thoughts: I love the French look, which is probably good, since I have a lot of old, distressed furniture.;) So, I was thrilled to review this book, since I knew it would give me some good ideas on how to liven up some of my tired furniture and boring spaces!
The book is an enjoyable introduction (or, review) to decorating all things French. I love how Anita makes the book user friendly, causing one to want to take on decorating projects. The book is a wonderful addition to the budding decorator's bookcase or coffee table, since it is just a gorgeous book.
I highly recommend this book and suggest buying it here!
The author provided the book for me in exchange for my honest review. She is also allowing me a small percentage of the sales from her book through my link. That said, I would still highly recommend her book even if I didn't receive a percentage!

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