Monday, March 1, 2021

The Widow and the Highlander


She needs to be protected. He'll take on the job...for a price.

Christina MacKinnon is secretly relieved to be a widow. She is equally desperate to distance herself from the clan of her dead husband, but as the heir to his estate—one she needs in order to support her siblings—she must first stave off both the advances and threats of the man next in line to inherit. It seems the only person she can turn to is a nearby stranger who seems inclined to help her. But he has a request….

Freshly returned from the war, Lachlan Kincaid has one aim: to see justice served to the MacKinnons for betraying his family years ago and depriving him of his inheritance. While biding his time at a nearby inn, he discovers the death of the MacKinnon laird—whose widow has inherited everything. The way to accomplish his goal is becoming more evident, but the path is murkier than he could have foreseen.

As Christina’s and Lachlan’s lives intersect, it becomes clear that their separate aims may well only be achievable if they join forces. But to do so is to court more danger, and it requires a sacrifice Christina isn’t sure she’s prepared to make.

My thoughts: This story is excellent! I have loved everything that I've read by Martha Keyes. The change in scenery with this story was delightful, since I have been to Scotland and loved the chance to "visit" again.
Wow, I probably tend to look at the olden days through rose colored glasses, though I know that a lot of the things that go on today happened back then as well. Christina has suffered at the hands of her deceased husband (which may be a trigger for some, though it is handled delicately), causing her to be thankful for the fact that the her husband's estate is now hers, since it affords her some independence. Unfortunately, her husband was from a family of ruffians, leaving her at the mercy of some of his clansmen.
I loved the characters and the setting, and look forward to Elizabeth's story coming next! I hope that it will also be a continuation of this story's characters.
I received a complimentary copy from the author. This is my honest review.

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