Monday, July 4, 2016

Take Ten

I'm not sure how exactly to phrase this week's subject, since it is a list of books that are under rated (imo) on Goodreads. The suggestion was to find books that are under 2,000 ratings, but I found that a lot of mine (though, granted, I am going with a lot of self published stories) have more like under 20 reviews.;) I guess that is just the way I roll. So, this week I am all about promoting those who should be picked up by large publishing houses.;)

1. The Giftsnatcher by Charity Bishop
I'm surprised just how much I enjoyed this story, since it was a bit darker then my usual reading fare. She did an incredible job of mixing magic and the mystery of Jack the Ripper.

2. The Secret of Belfast by Charity Bishop
This one is an incredible mix of magic and the Titanic.

3. Dysfunction Junction by April Erwin
This one is a fun, chick lit style story with some depth to it. By far my favorite of her books, though they are all excellent.

4. Justice Burning by April Erwin
This one is quite different from the afore mentioned book, since it's a mystery. I love that the story has a lot going on.

5. Porcelain Keys by Sarah Beard
This one is an unpredictable story of a talented musician. I loved both factors.;)

6. Beyond the Rising Tide by Sarah Beard
This one was also a bit surprising, since the story seems Impossible.;)

7. Close to You by Kara Isaac
My inner nerd came out with both of her books, since this one has to do with Tolkien and the main character gives tours of the LOTR's movie sets. The hero and heroine also have some fun chemistry.

8. Can't Help Falling by Kara Issac
A wardrobe, a tea cup, and an impossible romance. Oh, and plenty of Narnia!

9. The Dandelion Field by Kathryn Springer

10. The Hearts We Mend by Kathryn Springer
While the first one is amazing, this one is even better.:)

So, what books are on your list? Which should of been on mine?


  1. Ok, I think I'm going to be adding most of these to my tbr! They sound great!

    Check out my TTT and my current giveaway.

    1. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did, if you have the chance to read them!:)

  2. I love how you roll!! LOL. Seriously it's cool to see someone who loves reading books that fly under the radar. I kind of get sick of seeing the same old books on every blog all the time. Porcelain Keys has definitely just been added to my TBR. I love books like that!

    1. I didn't realize just how underrated a lot of the books I read are until I did this list.;)
      I hope you enjoy Porcelain Keys!

  3. THREE cheers for Charity's novels and Kara's. All books I am sure are superb. :)

    1. They are indeed!
      Thanks for coming by. I always love seeing comments from you.:D