Monday, July 25, 2016

Take ten: Things Books Have Made Me Want To Do or Learn About After Reading Them

1. Krav Maga
The Israeli fighting techniques piqued my interest after reading the Kristen Conner mysteries. (Somewhat unrelated, but how did I miss that there is a third one?!) I think it would be an awesome self defense style to learn with my daughter when she is older.

2. Turkish Delight

I've tried it a few times, since if Edmund was crazy about it, then it must be amazing. I'm thinking Edmund was crazy. lol. I've had some that it pretty good, but I wouldn't sell out anyone over it.;)

3. Archery
Robin Hood and, in recent years, Merida and Katniss, have given me a love for archery. I spent hours shooting hay bales with my garage sale long bow as a kid.;) Now, as an adult, I've toyed with the idea of asking my husband for a bow for Christmas, since he enjoys archery and it would be a fun hobby to do together.

4. Homesteading
I blame this one on the Little House books, which was the first series I finished as a kid. I can't say I am a true homesteader, but I have the heart for it, which is good since my husband turned most of the lot our home sits on into a garden/orchard.;) There is something quite satisfying about canning!

The peaches, from our own trees, that I recently canned. I sure hope they turned out, since peaches are a bit more work than some of the other things I have canned!

5. Wardrobes

Is it lame that I actually have one? lol. It is not near this neat, but I thought I needed it when I came across one for a good deal at an estate sale. It is handy to have to store all my games, scrapbooking items, and paper projects.

6. England
My aunt is worried that when I finally make it there, that I will be disappointed that it is not like the classics portray it.;)

7. Skye
It sounds like an interesting place, which I was introduced to in Five Days in Skye

8. Prince Edward Island
One guess on why this is on my list.;)

9. French baking
I wish I could truly master it... I think I lack the patience though.

10. Lamp posts
Another Narnia induced fetish. They are just fun anyway.


  1. Archery made my list too! I also want to try Turkish Delight. :)

    Check out my TTT.

    1. I recommend trying Turkish Delight fresh, if you can, since that was (by far!) the best I have had.
      Hurray for archery!

  2. Archery! Yes!
    I've tried Turkish Delight a few different times but never understood why Edmund would sell out his family for it... :P
    Oh.. and I had the biggest crush on Gilbert from Anne of Green Gables when I was younger. I wanted to go to PEI like mad after reading that series.

    1. I know, right? Chocolate or ice cream, maybe, but not Turkish Delight.;)
      I can see why you had a crush on Gilbert!

  3. I can't believe how popular archery is this week! It's on my list too. :-)

    1. It is funny how popular it is! Here I thought I was original.;)

  4. England is pretty cool (though I'm English so I have to say that)!
    My TTT:

    1. I think I will enjoy it, when I finally make it there.;) I realize that you all no longer wear 1800's clothes and not everyone lives in nifty old houses that are older than my country.;)

  5. Great list, Amanda. Yay for the Narnia references (love those stories!) and of course, England. #AllThingsBritish for the win. :) Prince Edward Island would be a dream trip indeed. For obvious reasons. ;)