Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Living a Beautiful Life on Less

When her husband was deployed to Iraq, Danielle’s income dropped dramatically. Something had to change.

Discover how her family of four survived happily on a $14,000 annual income with no debt—not even a mortgage. Their beautiful life on less could be yours!

Learn to

· Lay a financial foundation
· Cut your grocery bill in half
· Become a strategic shopper
· Plan meals your family will love
· Celebrate on a budget

With practical tips and real-life examples, this book makes living on a budget fun! You don’t have to sacrifice to enjoy the life you want. You just need to make your money work for you!

My thoughts: I love how this book is set up! Danielle writes to the reader like she is sitting down and having a chat with a good friend, something that I thought made the book all the more easy to read and relate to. She does a great job at offering practical information that will help one stretch their paycheck.
I know I have read on another review that they didn't like her advise to share a meal at a restaurant, which I can kind of agree with, since you can take the left overs home for a second meal. My husband and I rarely go out to eat though, since I like to cook and we save eating out for special occasions, so I think the best advise to saving money when it comes to eating out is to opt for cooking at home as often as possible, since it is a lot less expensive. Otherwise though, this book has a lot of great information and is a wonderful asset to any home.
I received this book from Cedar Fort in exchange for my honest review.

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