Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What a Bragger

This book is the second in the Adventures of the Sea Kids series. Melissa Blowfish likes to brag that she can swim the fastest, climb the highest, and has the best of everything. Corey finds her crying in the sand box with her broken shovel, the only toy she had. They all chip in treasure coins for her birthday present. Melissa prays giving thanks to God for her friends and learns that true friendship is found in love.

My thoughts: This is the first book out of the Sea Kids series that we have read together, and I was impressed! The story does a wonderful job of being short and interesting for kids, filled with colorful pictures to keep even very young children entertained. My daughter loves this book and has already asked me to read it to her quite a few times, and we only just received it in the mail.;)
I also like that there is a wonderful lesson in the story about having compassion on those you don't get along with, since you never know what kind of story they have. Though this is a kid's book, it has a great message for adults too!
I received this book through Book Crash from GLM publishers.

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