Friday, March 20, 2015

More than Just "theTalk"

The old ways of having the "sex talk" just won't cut it anymore. Sadly, the number one place today's young people go to for answers about sex is Google. Meanwhile, kids view nearly 14,000 sexual references a year on television, and 70 percent of teenagers have encountered pornography on the Internet. If we want our children to know the truth about healthy sexuality, we need to create a comfortable climate of continual conversations.

Jonathan McKee will show you how to move beyond the initial awkwardness of this subject into an ongoing communication with your kids about God's amazing gift of sex. He equips you with what you need to talk openly about dating, temptation, porn, and purity, and you will find answers to tough questions and relevant Scripture on sexual issues.

It's normal for kids to be curious about sexuality, and they need to know that their parents are the most reliable source of information. Be the one your kids turn to on this crucial topic.

My thoughts: Where was this book ten years ago? I think this is a great resource for parents, since it shows what kids are exposed to now a days and how to help counter all the misinformation on sex that is out there. In an age where most kids have some sort of electronic stuck in their hand, it is so easy to be exposed to a lot of vile music and TV shows (among other things), and for parents to not even realize it. So much is able to come to their attention, it's horrible. I wasn't exposed to most of the stuff in the book until an adult, but I know I am not the norm. This is a wake up call to parents, to become more involved so that kids aren't going to Google or the media for their information.
Just a side note, I know a lot of people try to excuse the lack of morals in TV and movies (I know I am guilty of allowing more than I should in our home!), but this book reminded me of something I once heard: that TV/movies either portray life how it is, or how we want it to be. Think about it. Do we really want that sort of promiscuous lifestyle for our children? I hope this book will serve as a wake up call for all of us!
I received this book from Baker in exchange for my honest review.

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