Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's been a while since I posted some of my favorites! Life has been incredibly busy lately, between work, chasing a toddler, and trying to get our garden ready for planting. We have put in quite a few cold hardy plants already (brassicas, onions, lettuce). I'm hopeful that our excitement about the garden will continue and spill over into making sure the weeds aren't too much of a competition for the plants!
But I digress.
Here are a couple of my recent favorites!
1. Beauty: Redeemed

Some of you may have noticed, right under my banner, that there is now a page for Beauty: Redeemed. If you would like to know more about my new business venture, then please check it out! We just went live on our Etsy shop, which is exciting! It has been such a fun adventure to make doll clothes for the Bratz and Moxie dolls that my SIL is redoing to resemble little girls. I have heard so many mothers talk about not wanting their daughters to play with Barbie dolls, due to the unrealistic image they project. I fully agree, and think that these dolls are a wonderful substitute to Barbies! Not to mention, they are a blast to design.;)

2. A Sparrow in Terezin

One of my very favorite authors came out with her second book recently, and I had the privilege of getting a review copy. I couldn't put it down! My review will come out in early April, but I just had to put a plug in for it. You need to read this series!;)


  1. What a great idea remodelling those dolls! I checked out the Etsy shop and they look great. What a difference and much more appropriate for little girls.

    1. Thank you for looking at out Etsy shop, Melissa! We had so much fun putting them together.:) I hope they will be loved on by the little girls who receive them!