Thursday, May 1, 2014

Life Behind the Wall

I grew up reading Robert Elmer's books, so when the Life Behind the Wall trilogy came up for review through Booklook, I was excited. The three books span over 40 years of Berlin's history. In Candy Bombers, Erich and his cousin struggle to help their mothers help makes ends meet in their war torn city. Showing the early difficulties with East and West Berlin, I thought this story was quite interesting.
In Beelte Bunker, Sabine finds a bunker from the war that just might help her family escape under the wall.
Finally, in Smuggler's Treasure, Liesl lives in a more peaceful time than Berlin has seen for some time. But, when a school paper leads her to dig into family secrets, she is also caught up in protests for the wall to come down.
Written for young teens, all of the hero/heroines are 13, but this series will delight older readers too. I very much enjoyed the on going themes and all the history that is included in the books. Written in a way that will keep one reading, these books are far from dry and boring. Two thumbs up!

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