Saturday, November 17, 2012

Right Where I Belong

Another winner from Krista McGee!
Natalia Lopez shouldn't be surprised when her father announces that he is through with his third marriage, leaving with the shallow excuse that he has fallen out of love (again) and wasn't meant to be with just one woman for the rest of his life.
In order to help her former step-mother, Natalia feels that God is leading her to move from Spain to Tampa to help Maureen recover, especially since she feels owes Maureen for leading her to the Lord.
When they arrive in Florida, Natalia feels unprepared to deal with using English full time, transferring to a new school, and dealing with Maureen's bitterness. Thrown in to the mix is Brian Younger, the pastors son, who tries Natalia's desire to remain single so as not to pass on any of her family's dysfunction.
Learning to lean on the Lord and turn her heart to want the things that God has for her may be the hardest lessons for Natalia.
Loosely based on the story of Ruth in the Bible, I found this book a wonderful, entertaining read. Light hearted and warm, the story also has deeper messages about following God even when it isn't the plan we had in mind. I love that Krista McGee's books are sweet stories while talking about the importance of keeping a relationship Christ centered. Two thumbs up!

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