Thursday, November 29, 2012

8 Important Money Decisions for Every Couple

"8 Important Money Decisions for Every Couple" by Russ Crosson challenged my thoughts on money. President and CEO of Ronald Blue and Co. (a financial planning and investment firm), Russ Crosson uses a Biblical approach when it comes to money, saving, investing, and how a couple handles money can affect their marriage.
After laying a foundation as to how we should look at money (as a tool, not as something that is going to solve all our problems and make us content), the book goes into common money decisions that are made in a marriage and how to avoid pitfalls. Whether you are single, dating, engaged, or have been married for some time, this book is an excellent tool! It challenges one to budget, save, and find contentment in a relationship with the Lord rather than in something temporary. One of the best things about the book is that, even though it challenges a couple to possibly do without, the Crosson's practice what they preach in their own marriage.
Two thumbs up!


  1. Looks like a great book that we may want to invest in for the future, thanks for sharing the review, its going on my wishlist :)

  2. It's an excellent book to go through! Especially if it were part of per-marital counseling.;)

  3. Ok, I will keep that in mind! Any other good books recommended for pre-marital counseling? I'm sure my pastor has his own (we are not quite there yet), but I'd like others ideas too. :)

  4. I got a lot out of "The Most Important Year in A Woman's Life", since is part for the woman, then there is a companion part for the man/husband to be. Also, "The Act of Marriage" is a must for all engaged couples! Another good one is "Love Life for Every Married Couple" by Ed Wheat.
    Have you read the 5 Love Languages? It's awesome before you are married, but I think it becomes even more relevant when you get married.;)