Friday, November 9, 2012

Against the tide

In "Lady of Bolton Hill" we were briefly introduced to Alexander Banebridge. "Against the Tide" goes on to tell what happened to the brass and brilliant trouble maker. On a mission to undo the mistakes of his past, Bane has been on a mission to bring down the opium trade by working with legislation to ban the use of opium in everything from children's medicine to headache syrups. Realizing that going through the government could take decades, he also works to shut down drug runners where he can.
Lydia Pallas is a gifted translator who has been seeking for stability in her life. When Bane waltzes in with a innocent looking job translating menus and other random papers, Lydia jumps on the chance to earn more money to buy a home of her own.
When things head south and they are both caught in a web of Bane's enemies, the two of them must form an unlikely partnership.
I love Elizabeth Camden's novels and this one may very well be her best yet! She does an incredible job with her characters in making them appear life like with realistic personality traits and faults. She also does a wonderful job with writing the message of salvation without coming across as pushy or trite. Two thumbs up!


  1. Just discovered your blog Amanda! Love it so far...this particular book looks quite tempting. Can you share any more thoughts on it or should I just dig in?!

  2. Hey Regan!
    You know, out of all the books I have read lately, I would say that this one is my favorite, since it was well written, educational, and the characters were well developed. I highly recommend it!