Thursday, March 16, 2023

Sweeter With You


A spirited bakery shop owner.

A cupcake-baking pro ball player.

A game-winning play to find love ever after.

SERENITY LEWIS has a serious problem. After several successful years, her trendy French Quarter bakery is failing—no thanks to a national chain that’s luring patrons by way of lower prices and ease of parking. She’ll do anything to keep her bakery alive. Or so she thinks ...

Philanthropic defensive end, OWEN WALKER is one concussion away from a career-ending injury. With headaches that sideline the blue chip player, he just might need to consider life off the gridiron. But working at a bakery during off season? That wasn’t the side hustle he had in mind. But if it’ll help the beautiful girl he knew in college, he’s all in.

Owen’s baking prowess and presence is a PR magnet, but it stirs Serenity’s desire for the only guy she ever considered letting into her heart.

Too bad she can’t give Owen what he wants most. Working alongside Serenity emboldens Owen to consider retirement faster than he can crack an egg in his palm. And accounting records prove the two make a winning team.

But when Serenity reveals her secret, will it send Owen running? Will the uncertain outcome of Owen’s head injuries be a justified reason to reject him first? Or will they huddle together and let love win the day?

My thoughts: I loved this unique spin on a classic story of a young woman trying to make a go with her bakery. I love reading stories that feature baking, since my family owned a bakery for years when I was a teen and in college. So, it's a trope that is near and dear to me! 

I enjoyed the characters and how they come from such different backgrounds, and yet have known one another for years. I can only imagine how hard it would be to be in Serenity's shoes, with her having feelings for Owen and yet feeling like she can't pursue those. This is a sweet, delightful story that I recommend picking up and enjoying!

I received this book from Just Read. This is my honest review.

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