Monday, March 13, 2023

Stormy Encounters


In one unforgettable summer, Steven Carlson is pushed to the edge of disaster and forced to confront his prison of self-doubt.

Stormy Encounters: Lightening Fast Cars, Daunting Dilemmas, Fearsome Choices

Summer is supposed to be fun. But, when the biggest bully in town has Steven Carlson in his crosshairs, the choice is to run or to dig deep inside and discover who he truly is. Steven finds himself driven by a debt he cannot afford. His plans for a summer of fun are exchanged for a summer that takes him to places he never intended to go.

There are storms on the plains and equally daunting storms of the heart. Steven struggles to unravel the mystery surrounding his single-parent household. With a father he doesn’t understand, a mother he cannot remember, and an adversary who has it out for him, Steven's sixteenth summer launches him on a journey that will forever alter his world.

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