Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Second Chance at Happiness for JustRead


After Catherine Reed’s husband dies in a tragic logging accident, Catherine and her four-year-old daughter, Clair, move home with Catherine’s mother and brother in order to accept a new position as the teacher for the town’s one-room schoolhouse. But Catherine carries a dark secret that she hasn’t even shared with her mother. Will she ever find forgiveness?

Samuel Harris has suffered his own loss, losing his wife and unborn child over a year prior. Although he is the town’s preacher, he struggles to trust God, blaming God for allowing him to be absent when his wife died. The guilt has burdened him ever since. But when his old flame Catherine Reed comes back to town, he wonders if they can find healing together.

Catherine believes that anyone who wants to learn should be allowed to learn, but she is quick to find a town divided on that issue. As she and Samuel set out to change people’s minds in a post-Civil War era, they find themselves drawn to each other over and over again. As they join together for the same cause, could they also find a second chance at happiness?

My thoughts: When Catherine's husband dies from a tragic accident, she is left to take care of their young daughter on her own. While she has family she can lean on for some help, she takes a position as a teacher to help alleviate some of the grief. I enjoyed getting to know Catherine and Samuel as they reconnected and their shared grief gave them a deeper connection. I can imagine that that stories like this one were common back in the 1800's (and earlier) with losing a spouse at a young age. I enjoyed how Catherine grows as a teacher and learns how to trust again, despite a secret she thinks is unforgiveable. This is a wonderful historical story to pick up and enjoy!

I received this book from Celebrate Lit. This is my honest review.

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