Thursday, May 21, 2020

Supernatural Courage

Our world is full of fear: fear of death, public speaking, flying, drowning, failure, rejection, snakes, needles, heights, darkness, enclosed places, and countless more. Satan uses fear to steal joy, kill opportunity, and destroy hope. God has an antidote: supernatural courage.

Our favorite Bible heroes achieved results greater than their natural abilities because of bravery that came only from God. Followers of Jesus throughout history have had the Holy Spirit come upon them to achieve supernatural outcomes. In Supernatural Courage, Robinson uses biblical examples, interviews, and testimonies, along with Bible promises, prayers, and activations to impart spiritual bravery for strength to live a life beyond what's normal.

These pages will help activate supernatural courage in your life so that you can hope--and then persevere through overwhelming challenges, stand against intimidation, believe for the impossible, forgive amid injustice, use spiritual gifts for spiritual victories, and finish the race God has given you.

My thoughts: I love how this book focuses on courage and does such a wonderful job of getting the reader to focus on how to move towards having more God given courage in our lives. 
Each chapter is full of stories from Mickey's personal life and has scriptures to meditate, as well as a prayer and thoughts on how to actively apply the thoughts in each chapter. I appreciate the "activate" thoughts, since it makes the reader think about how to apply what is read.
I received this book from Chosen. This is my honest review.

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