Friday, March 23, 2018

Growing Kids with Character

Through Hettie Brittz’s famous tree metaphors, parents will discover how to let their kids excel at being who they naturally are as they grow in their unique purpose in the world.

Author and speaker Hettie Brittz helps readers identify their kids’ natural bent and understand how that affects the parenting journey. Parents will learn how to:

Cultivate each of their kids’ unique way of encountering, following, and worshiping God
Disciple and discipline based on each child’s blueprint
Help their children celebrate God’s individualized design for others

Brittz offers tools to parents for recognizing their kids’ God-given personalities, guiding them on their spiritual journeys, and establishing their identity and purpose in Christ.

My thoughts: I love this book and it's unique approach to parenting. A lot of these thoughts have been on my mind lately, and I love that you are able to do a child profile report to help figure out what type of personality your child has. I also really appreciated Hettie's thoughts on being mindful to not let yours parents failures or successes define how you parent and that each personality is different. This is an excellent, real parenting book!
I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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