Monday, October 9, 2017

A Small Book About a Big Problem

How many times today have you been irritated? Frustrated?

While you might not think about it often, if you look closely at any day most everyone can find anger in their actions and attitudes. Something spills or goes missing, we get stuck in traffic or someone cuts us off on the road, or we feel like the people we live and work with are only making our lives more difficult. And while no one wants to get angry, what happens when our irritations and frustrations rise yet again?

Anger is so common—yet it also hurts. It not only leaves a mark on us, but it also leaves a marks on others. The wounds we inflict on ourselves and others because of anger—loss of intimacy, trust, security, and enjoyment in our closest relationships—give us compelling reasons to look closely at our anger and think carefully about how to grow in peace and patience.

But if you, like many others, have just gotten irritated for the umpteenth time today, you might wonder if change is possible. Can anyone truly find peace? The answer is yes, but you will need a plan. Biblical counselor and psychologist Ed Welch invites readers to take a fifty-day journey that unpacks anger while encouraging and teaching readers to respond with patience to life’s difficulties. Readers will also be introduced to Jesus, the key to any plan for change. Known as the Prince of Peace, he is the only one who can empower his people to grow in patience, peace, and wholeness.

My thoughts: This book is wonderful! When I first received it, I kind of wondered why I had put in to review it, since I wouldn't say anger is something that I particularly struggle with. And yet, this book does a wonderful job of showing the different ways anger can show up. Sometimes, it's easier to it manifested in others, but this book did a wonderful job of opening my eyes to how I can change my attitude. I especially appreciated the reminder that none of us know how many more tomorrows we get, so the time to change is now.
I received this book from Litfuse in exchange for my honest review.

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