Sunday, September 10, 2017

Education A la Carte

Every parent wants the best possible education for their child--one that fits their child's unique needs, challenges them to grow, and equips them to succeed. But there are so many options--public, private, and charter schools, plus homeschooling and online schooling--that it's easy for parents to feel overwhelmed and, well, undereducated about the choices. What's more, while one schooling option may be right for one child, it may be challenging for another. And sometimes the same child will thrive in one environment in elementary school but falter in that same environment in middle school.

What's a parent to do?

Parenting expert and longtime educator Dr. Kevin Leman can help. In this practical book, he clearly explains the pros and cons of various schooling options so that parents can make an informed choice about the kind of education that will help their child thrive. He shows parents how to stay involved and engaged with their child's education every step of the way, knowing that the choices they make about school now will reverberate long into that child's future.

My thoughts: I always enjoy the books I pick up by Dr. Leman, since they get me to think about other options, even if I don't always agree with what he has to say. With this book, I found it interesting to read how birth order can affect the type of student (though, it isn't limited to birth order) your child can be. I also like how he presented the different types of education for parents to review, just to know that one isn't limited to one specific type. I thought this book was informative and interesting! A great resource for parents wanting to explore different options.
I received this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

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