Tuesday, January 20, 2015


About the book: Seventeen-year-old Evangeline is about to discover what is different about her. She has had suspicions all along, but it is not until an aunt she never knew about turns up that her life tumbles into an adventure. Now, she is in the northern wood… a place where nothing is as it seems, where the ancient house of Dragonspire shifts its rooms around, and an unknown evil lurks nearby.

All she wants are answers to her questions.

If she is not a witch, what is she?

What is the creature that continues to follow her to and from school?

Why has her mother never told her about her aunt until now?

Has the great inventor, Nikola Tesla, anything to do with it?

And most of all, what is really in the northern woods?

My thoughts: I've had this book on my wishlist for some time now. So, when the opportunity came up to review it, I jumped on the chance to finally get a copy of Thornewicke. It was every bit as interesting and fun as I thought it would be! I love the depth of the story, as well as how the characters are brought to life. I especially love the depth of the conversations, especially those about faith and God. A lot of stories seem to through a little conversation about religion in, almost as an after thought. I appreciate that the author of this book dives into some difficult questions about God.
The only thing I didn't care for, and it is just a small thing, is that I didn't like the sensual side of the dreams. It is a small thing though, and doesn't affect how I feel about the story as a whole.
If you have been eying this book for a while, then I strongly suggest that you buy it, since it is an incredible, unique story.
If you are not a fan of Speculative fiction, then I would recommend checking into the author's historical fiction.
I received a copy of this story from the author in exchange for my honest review.


  1. It does sound quite interesting and I honestly hadn't heard of it before and AM NOW INTRIGUED. Although I don't usually read books about faith/God, but you never know. ;-)
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I can't recommend this book enough! It's an incredible story with bits of history, magic, and romance. I don't think you will be disappointed if you decide to read it.;)

  2. Aw, yay! Charity's book. Glad you were able to read it and enjoyed the book. I own all of her books via Amazon, but haven't read them yet because review books have kept me busy. I know they'll be great though because she's a talented writer. :)

    1. You are in for a treat when you read them.;) They are well worth taking the time to read, though I know how hard it is to read anything other than books that need to be reviewed.;)