Monday, November 3, 2014

Pickled okra recipe

My mom makes the best pickled okra. When we first started going to farmer's markets in the area, there were a couple of farmers who figured out just how good her's is, so they were more than happy to give her okra at the end of the day in exchange for a few jars of it pickled in return. It was a good trade for all of us (even if I was one of the ones who had to peel all that garlic!).
Now that I am married and have a home of my own, I want to be sure to always know where to find mom's recipe for pickled okra. So, I am putting it on here.;) And this way, others can enjoy this treat! (seriously, it is the only way to eat okra!)

Pickled Okra
3 1/2 pounds small okra pods

1 pint white vinegar

1/3 cup canning salt (non iodized)

3 small Thai peppers per jar (even if you don't usually care for hot food, be sure to include these. I didn't the first year I canned these on my own and the okra was almost bland in comparison. The peppers don't really add heat so much as flavor)

1 quart water

6 cloves of garlic per jar (pickled garlic is every bit as tasty as the okra! And, it is so good for you)

3 Tablespoons pickling spices

Wash okra and pack firmly in hot, sterilized jars. In each jar, be sure to place your garlic and peppers in! Make a brine with the vinegar, water, salt and spices. Boil the brine for a minute, then reduce heat. Pour the boiling brine over the okra, leaving a half inch headspace at the top. Seal.
Process for 10 minutes in boiling water bath. (be sure to make sure it doesn't need to be longer, depending where you live and where you are in regards to altitude) Pull them out of the hot water. After 20-30 minutes, be sure to check that all of your lids have sealed down. If you filled them to full, then they may not. Either put the unsealed jars in a water bath again (after removing some of the okra) or place it in your fridge. The only bad thing about placing it in your fridge is that you have to leave it alone for several weeks, so the okra can soak up the pickle taste.;)
This recipe also works well if you want to just do refrigerator pickled okra. Just omit the water bath and place the unsealed jar or jars in the back of your fridge. A gallon jar works well for refrigerator pickles.
Another side note: I seem to always have more brine than okra, so I just get more okra out of the garden and pack more jars.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this family favorite!

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