Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hope for the Caregiver

In a world hung up on trying to make sense out of hard times, Peter drives the point home that "we don't have to understand—God understands, and that's enough." This is THE book for caregivers, written by one with scars and immense credibility.
—JEFF FOXWORTHY, Comedian, Author, Television Host

Written by one who has "been there and done that," Peter offers caregivers practical advice for everyday living. This book is an important resource for caregivers—and for those who care for the caregivers.
Major General, U.S. Army (Retired)
Former Commanding General, Walter Reed Army Medical Center and North Atlantic Regional Medical Command

Peter is authentic in his understanding and awareness when he writes about caregiving—he knows the journey intimately. He is also theologically wise in the midst...when he says,"we are stewards not owners."
Professor of Psychiatry and Health Policy
Director, Center for Biomedical Ethics and Society
Associate Dean, Student Health and Wellness
Vanderbilt University

None of us ever plan to be in a position like Peter, but it happens. When I was helping to care for a stroke-ridden father for many years, I wish I had had this book to lean upon!
—JOE BONSALL, The Oak Ridge Boys

I would imagine that most of us don't put a whole lot of thought into being a caregiver, until that day comes. In this book, Peter Rosenberger shares his journey as a caregiver to his wife, an adventure that started sooner than he would of thought. Beautifully written and filled with honesty, this book will encourage those who are in a caregiver roll.
I haven't been put in the role as a caregiver yet, but I know that the chance has been there several times, just never materialized (with my grandparents). I read this book with the future in mind, I guess you could say.;) While I didn't personally relate to this book, I think it would be a wonderful resource for churches to have on hand to help ministers know how to relate to those who are caregivers and also for caregivers in the congregation to be able to turn to and find support. I can imagine that having a strong support base would be so important when a caregiver.
So, to sum up my thoughts, I think this is a wonderful book for caregivers!


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