Thursday, July 17, 2014

Treat Yourself

Okay, so the kid in me just had to check this cookbook out. Who doesn`t enjoy some sort of junk food treat once in a while? Whether your guilty pleasure is Twinkies, Oreos, Nutter Butter, or a variety of many different snacks or ice cream treats, this cook book will be a fun addition to your cook boo.It will satisfy those unhealthy cravings or wow your kids. And, it will remind one of childhood.
I love that the ingredients usedin this book are common to most any kitchen, since it is one of my pet peves to have a recipe where you have to run out and buy a bunch of ingredients you may not use up. Or, worse yet, look at a recipe and find it is a bunch of mixes thrown together, since I like to bake from scratch. But, I digress...
Add this cook book to your shelf. The kid in you wants it.:)

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