Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten fictitious characters who would be my BFF's in real life.;)

1. Lucy Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia would be one of my top picks, since she is sweet and curious, imaginative and cute. I also would of defended her/wanted to mother her when her siblings didn't believe in Narnia.;)

2. Juliette in A Table by the Window with her recipes and crazy restauranteur family. I would love to just bake up a storm with them.;)

3. Bixby from One Realm Beyond is quirky and fun, a friend who would just leave me laughing.

4. Kianna in Dysfunction Junction, especially when I was single. I would of loved to be part of her group!

5. Kate in Blackmoore. I would of been right there with her, saying that I wasn't going to get married and would rather travel the world, all the while secretly wanting to marry.:)

6. Adora in The Staff and the Sword series. I would of thought she was prissy at first, but then she blossoms into her own as she learns how to work the sword.

7. Emma in The Tutor's Daughter. With her unconventional ways and active imagination, she would of been a bestie.;)

8. Hermione from the Harry Potter series, as I would of been a total nerd with her. I probably would of tried to keep up with her and failed.;)

9. Rose Campbell in Eight Cousins. Another character I would of wanted to mother.;)

10. Anne in Persuasion would of been a friend, one who I would of enjoyed and tried to liven up a bit. lol.


  1. I think Hermione would be a great bff! She'd definitely understand our passion for books :) great list!

  2. Thank you! I enjoyed your list as well.;)