Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn

In order to flee an arranged marriage with a man as cruel as her stepfather, Tamsen Littlejohn places her trust in a man she knows nothing about and takes off into the Overmountain area. Leaving her privileged life behind, she finds that she must learn how to fend for herself in order to not be a burden. As she assimilates to life on the frontier, Tamsen finds herself drawing closer to God as she tries to stay safe.
This is the second book that Lori Benton has written, and the second one that I have read. Both of them are excellent! I like that she writes about historical aspects that I am not as familiar with that took place in early American history (this one is set in 1787). Her characters are solid; I like that she has several different characters. I will warn you, I find her villains to be particularly despicable. I suppose that adds an edge of suspense to the story though. Anyway, this one gets two thumbs up!

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