Tuesday, February 25, 2014

No One to Trust

When Summer married Kyle Abernathy, she let him know up front that she expected complete honesty from him, since she and her siblings suffered at the hands of her lying father. When she awakes one morning to a gun in her face and twelve hours to find a missing computer and flash drive her husband stole from the mob, she realizes that there is more to her husband than he told her and that he broke his promise to her.
I loved how fast pace this novel is and that it didn't go where you thought it would, since there are so many twists in the tale! While I thought it was excellent, I will mention that I did find Summer a bit annoying with her holding a grudge against her husband for not telling her he was in a witness protection program. I can agree that you want totally honesty from your spouse, but in this case, he was trying to keep her safe. So, get over the shock and stop acting like a petty child. I still enjoyed the story though, and found it was a quick read that keep you going to get to the bottom of the mystery!

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