Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Prayer Box

Tandi Jo Reese is looking for a fresh start in the small community of Hatteras Island after suffering from a messy relationship that left her small family emotionally bankrupt. Just when things are looking the most bleak, the opportunity to clean out an old Victorian house that belonged to a 91 year old recluse saves her and her two kids from total financial ruin.
While cleaning Iola Anne Poole's house, Tandi comes across a mysterious series of boxes with notes going back as far as the early 1930's that are filled with Iola Anne's prayers and thoughts. As Tandi becomes more engrossed in the story of a woman who had seen so much, she starts to really look at her own life.
This story is incredible! I've read several of Lisa Wingate's novels over the years, but have to say that she outdid herself this time. The story is so beautifully written! Both realistic about struggles we all go through and yet filled with a wonderful message of hope. I can't recommend this book enough! It is one of my new favorites.

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