Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An Accidental Life

After making it as one of the first female partners in a 1982 New Orleans law firm, Rebecca Jacobs feels like she has it all. A loving husband and a job that she adores. When she discovers they are expecting their first child, things turn upside down as she figures out how to make it as a career woman and a mother.
While Rebecca struggles to figure out how to mesh two worlds, her husband is fighting a battle in the courtrooms to expose what happens in the case of live birth abortions, with the hope that he can help those who are born alive after an attempt to be aborted.
I thought this book was amazingly well writing and incredibly informative about something that should be better broadcasted. Who thought to ask what happens when a baby is born alive after the mother has made the choice to terminate it's life? I figured it was a no brainer, no matter what side of the issue of abortion you stand on. When a baby is born alive, it should be given every chance to survive, not left to die in a utility room. It's tragic and really goes to show how we, as a society, fail to value human life. It's sad that there we have the Born Alive Infant Protection Act of 2001 that was set up to come to the infants aid, and yet it is only a federal based law and is not binding for state run hospitals and private clinics. The matter of live birth abortions is still very much an issue today as it was in 1982, or 2001.
I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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