Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When Mockingbirds Sing

It all started out so simple for the new family in town. They held a birthday party for their daughter, Leah, and decided to get her a special gift that had been handmade by one of the businesses in downtown Mattingly. When Leah takes her easel to paint a prophetic masterpiece for a hurting couple, the whole town is torn apart picking sides. Could a nervous little girl really hear from God, or is something more sinister going on?
I wasn't sure that I liked this story when I first got into it, since it is a bit bizarre and vague at times. By the time I came to the end, I decided that the message was worth it, since it has an important one. That being said, I wasn't a huge fan of the style it is written in.
If you are looking for a unique story that will leave you thinking, than this is it! The characters are interesting and there is quite a bit going on throughout the novel.
I received a complimentary copy of When Mockingbirds Sing from Thomas Nelson for my unbiased opinion and review.

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