Thursday, June 13, 2013

The House that Love Built

Brooke Holloway's life hasn't exactly turned out how she planned. Left a young widow with two children, she throws herself into running a small town hardware store and spending her free time with family. When Owen Saunders moves into the Hadley mansion, an old house with a mystery surrounding it, she can't help but be interested in the story that goes with the house. As she gets to know Owen, a man left bitter by his divorce, Brooke realizes she might not just be interested in seeing the changes in the house, but to also see changes in Owen's heart.
A beautiful story of love, forgiveness, and salvation. I love that there is more going on with the story than just what Brooke and Owen are going through, since the town trouble maker and an eccentric old uncle are thrown into the mix, along with Brooke learning to handle changes in her own family that leave her with the chance to face the bitterness she holds on to.
An excellent summer read!

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