Friday, April 9, 2010

When I was dead, you gave me life/How could I not give it away so freely. Leeland

We had the opportunity to do a Passover Seder meal with some friends. It was amazing! The Seder dinner marks the beginning of the Passover feasts and is focused on the numerous plagues that God cursed the Egyptians with before they set the Israelites free.

The first big step toward our wedding: pulling the sequins off the lace for my dress!
(proof of how much Andrew loves me;)) Six months and a day until we get married!

Andrew and I at the Expo on Saturday. We were blessed to have sold both weekends.;)


  1. He's a good fellow to help out with the sequins!

  2. Is it different than Bethany's lace? WAY to go, Andrew!!!

  3. Yes! I specifically went with a different lace.;) This one is more me anyway!

    He's pretty much amazing.;)