Thursday, March 25, 2010

Love is not a place to come and go as we please. But a house to enter in and then commit to never leave.

My sister is now married and living happily ever after with Chris in their quaint farmhouse.;)

So, now I am quite out numbered against my brothers. I do believe I need another sister...


  1. I am your sister...and don't you forget that :D <3 It was a beautiful day and a beautiful bride....not to mention two beautiful bridesmaids that I got to stand up front with ;). I need to have more friends.....that was too much fun. I don't want to get married..I want to become the matchmaker or!!! I will prob end up like that girl in the movie "27 Dresses"!!

  2. I know, but I need more girls in the house! lol. I am so outnumbered these days.;)
    I know better then to think that you will end up like the gal in 27 dresses!

  3. Amanda,
    Lovely picture! I know you miss your sister at home...soon you will have your own home though to enjoy! :) Blessings!