Thursday, December 15, 2022

America's Favorite Christmas Town


YouTube vlogger Alexis Jacobson knows how to create the perfect aspirational Christmas for her viewers. She has made promotional videos for resorts and far-flung travel destinations for several successful years. Still, the fantasy she creates isn’t real, nor is her relationship with her co-star and business partner. When keeping up the illusion gets to be too much, Alexis finds herself out of a job with no place of her own to call home. That’s when Alexis’s Oma asks for help getting some new vacation rentals in Icicle Creek up and running. Alexis agrees to return to the place she used to call home to stop Oma’s plans. Someone Oma’s age should be taking it easy, right? So when Alexis discovers Justin Karon is the real estate agent behind the proposed deal, she questions his motives. Appearances can be deceiving—as she would know. Justin seems like a great guy, and yes, Alexis had a crush on him back in high school, but a lot has changed since then. Despite her misgivings, sparks start to fly between these two. But are these feelings real? And will going home help Alexis re-discover the true spirit of Christmas?

My thoughts: I enjoyed this delightful, Christmas novella! Alexis is at a crossroad with her job, after her partner moves on and she is forced to face figuring out how to shift gears. I love how that leads her to her Oma's side and back into the path of Justin Karon. Oma is a delightful character, and I loved the setting. This is a delightful, sweet Christmas story that is perfect for the season! 

I received this book from Just Read. This is my honest review.

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