Sunday, May 22, 2022

Where the Blue Sky Begins


"Katie Powner's engaging story will pull you in and leave you in wonder at that deep, blue sky."--CHRIS FABRY, bestselling and award-winning author

Sometimes the hardest road of all is the road home.

When confident and handsome Eric Larson is sent to a rural Montana town to work in the local branch of his uncle's financial company, he's determined to exceed everyone's expectations, earn a promotion, and be back in Seattle by the end of summer. Yet nothing could prepare him for the lessons this small town has in store.

At forty-six years old, eccentric and outspoken Eunice Parker has come to accept her terminal illness and has given herself one final goal: seek forgiveness from everyone on her bucket list before her time runs out. But it will take more courage than she can muster on her own.

After an accident pushes Eric and Eunice together, the unlikely pair is forced to spend more time with each other than either would like, which challenges their deepest prejudices and beliefs. As summer draws to a close, neither Eric nor Eunice is where they thought they would be, but they both wrestle with the same important question: 
What matters most when the end is near?

Praise for Katie Powner

"Powner delivers life lessons that cross generations and will linger long after the last page is turned."--Library Journal starred review

"My favorite stories are ones about everyday, salt-of-the-earth people. When I open a novel by Katie Powner, I know that's what I'm going to experience."--Susie Finkbeiner, author of 
The Nature of Small Birds

My thoughts: Katie Powner's debut novel, The Sowing Season, blew me away with it's beautiful, intricate story of a retired farmer looking back on his life. In Where the Blue Sky Begins, she knocks it out of the park once again! Eric is hard to like when he first breezes in to the small Montana town. While he seems to have a good heart, he's also absorbed with getting back to his somewhat shallow life in Seattle. When he is roped into helping his neighbor cross things off her bucket list, he just might discover there is more to living than he realized. 

I loved Eunice and her prickly ways! The story goes back and forth between her point of view and Eric's, which I enjoyed. The book got me to thinking what I would change today if I knew when my expiration date was. This is a wonderful story that I highly recommend!

I received this book from the publisher, this is my honest review.

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