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Strong-willed watercolor artist Amelia York thought she could paint the scenes of her own life – that is until she finds herself responsible for getting her brother, a paralyzed war veteran, home to Iowa and must deal with the moody Army captain God has painted into her life.

Captain Braedon McCrae is ruled by honor and a strong sense of duty. Still, the deaths of two people close to him have left him angry at God and vowing to never love again.

After a steamboat incident forces Amelia and Braedon to marry, Amelia must decide if she will accept Braedon’s offer of an annulment or keep the sacred vows she made before God.

The more Amelia attempts to control her future, the more she muddies the picture, like watercolors in the hand of a child. Can she learn to love, respect, and trust a man she barely knows?

My thoughts: I recently read a history lesson aloud to my children that had to do with the Civil War, and it hit me just how hard it must of been both during and immediately following the war to deal with a nation that was so divided. It was cited that Abraham Lincoln was accused of being to lenient towards the Southern POW, but I can imagine that it would be hard not to be, since they are still your countrymen. 

But, I digress. I have enjoyed this series and the variety of stories that it has brought to my attention! It's fun to have different authors write the books, since there are so many different styles. I enjoyed what Lorna Seilstad brought to the series, with this story of history and suspense. This book showcases a unique time in history with some delightful characters. I highly recommend picking up a copy!

I received this book from Just Read. This is my honest review.

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