Monday, August 3, 2020

10 Prayer Secrets

Prayer changes everything. Yet so many things get in the way of communicating with our powerful and loving Creator: distraction, hardship, doubt, anger, busyness, unforgiveness, and more.

In 10 Prayer Secrets, Hakeem Collins reveals ten keys to life-changing results that come through the art of prayer.
See your prayers unlock a plan of action as Collins delivers biblically based solutions to help you
· pray powerfully, passionately, and effectively
· engage with God's heart and learn God's timing
· perceive and receive angelic assistance
· customize Jesus's prayer model for yourself
· pursue a deeper prayer life for 30 days using Scripture, prayer activations and declarations, reflections, and life applications

Prayer works when we work our faith in prayer. Position yourself every day to partner with God and activate mountain-moving faith that produces supernatural outcomes.

My thoughts: This is a beautiful little book on how to tap into prayer and working with the Holy Spirit to pray more effectively. While reading this book, I couldn't help but think of the quote something to the effect that Prayer changes not God, but him (her) who prays. This book is an excellent little 30 day devotional that will help focus your prayer life.
I received this book from Chosen. This is my honest review.

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