Thursday, June 11, 2020

Gift from Above

Will a promise to a stranger ruin her chance for love? Sarah Esh's peaceful life turns upside down one afternoon when a parachutist crash-lands on her family's farm. The stranger insists his life is in danger and begs her to keep his presence secret. Sarah's promise tangles her in a web of deceit that endangers innocent people, ruins her best friend's reputation, and tears apart the Amish community. After she discovers the man's true purpose, Sarah must confess her mistake and repair the damage she's done. But how can she admit the truth to Jakob Zook, the man she's had a crush on forever, knowing it will destroy any chance for a relationship?

Although he was jilted by Sarah's older sister, Jakob finds himself attracted to Sarah's kindness and honesty. Her innocence and gentle spirit encourage him to open his heart. Then he discovers the deep secrets Sarah's been hiding--secrets that destroyed his family and now threaten their love.


"Rachel's stories are written so well that they tear at your heart's strings and... even though her stories are about the Amish, the English can learn life lessons from them."

"This is a deeply emotional and well-developed narrative of familial commitment, true love, redemption, faith, and healing."

"Beautiful development, details so vividly painted, and story lines so intricately woven together. Love this book!"

"An inspirational story of facing the past, seeking forgiveness, and moving forward!"

My thoughts: This is such a fun story! I enjoyed Sarah's story and highly recommend reading the whole series, though this book can be enjoyed as a stand alone.
I loved how unexpected the story was, with it's twists and turns that involved the man who parachuted into Sarah's life and caused a huge mess for her. The characters are delightful and spot on. This is a wonderful book to pick up and enjoy!
I received this book from Celebrate Lit. This is my honest review.

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