Sunday, March 29, 2020

With These Words

Every couple knows they need to talk with each other. Every couple knows they need to pay attention to how they can communicate better.

This practical marriage resource by Christian pastor and author Rob Flood not only explores why couples should grow in communication, but it addresses the how of communication.

With These Words offers in-depth, theologically rich tools that will also help flourish relationships outside of your marriage your relationship with your kids, your friendships, and your coworkers.

In this Christian Scripture-based marriage book, you will learn that God is for you and on your side as you press toward helpful, biblical communication based on Christian values. In the face of many emotions and obstacles, there is a clear purpose and a clear method for words.

But in the midst of this shift toward communication and biblical change, Flood shares how you can retain your unique personality, remaining as God made you while honoring him with your words.

My thoughts: While this book would of been excellent to go through when we did pre-marital counseling many years ago, it was also extremely helpful and insightful to go through after having almost a decade of marriage under our belts. I liked how this book goes over some of the more obvious ways we need to communicate to the little things that we may not think about. I love that this book not only suggests, but also gives practical tools for couples to use. This is an excellent book from couples in all walks and stages!
I received this book from New Growth Press. This is my honest review.

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