Saturday, January 11, 2020

Braver, Stornger, Smarter

As a parent, you can use certain strategies to help your elementary-aged daughter when she struggles with worry and anxiety. But it is also important that she learn how to work through her emotions on her own.

This illustrated guide--created for girls ages 6 to 11, the stage when anxiety issues often surface--will help your daughter see how brave, strong, and smart God made her. Through easy-to-read stories and writing and drawing prompts, she will learn practical ways to fight back when worries come up. She will feel empowered, knowing she is deeply loved by a God who is bigger than her fears. This level of trust is the spiritual antidote to anxiety and the path to feeling capable and confident in any situation.

My thoughts: This book is excellent! I highly recommend pairing it with Sissy's book Raising Worry-Free Girls, though you don't have to. I didn't realize how prevalent worry and anxiety are in kids, so I thought that this book was an excellent tool for those who work with kids or have children of their own to help kids overcome the worry and anxiety they are feeling. I really appreciated how it breaks down worry: it starts with a thought, goes to a feeling, then to behavior. There is a lot of other helpful information in this book that will help the young girls in your life overcome their worries.
I received this book from Bethany House. This is my honest review and is in no way influenced by receiving a complimentary copy.

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