Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Forever Sky

Can a young widow with no faith in love hope for a future with the man who broke her heart?

Maisey isn't about to give Rob another chance to reject her love. Why should she believe that the man who left town without a backward glance three years ago cares about her? Life had taught her all about broken dreams, and she didn't want to hope again. If only her young daughter would stop adopting Rob as a father, ignoring him--and her own emotions--would be a whole lot easier.

Thoughts of the woman he'd left behind haunted Rob for three long years. It wouldn't have been fair to ask Maisey to wait while he mined a gold claim. After making his fortune, he's returned to his family in Montana's Bitterroot Valley. Rob is ready to settle down, and he'd rather do so with Maisey. But after their first encounter, it's clear that he's lost her forever.

Circumstances force Maisey and Rob into one another's company. They learn, through hardship and loss, that the only way to one another is to surrender first to God's love.

Based on actual historical events during a time of unrest in America, The Forever Sky explores faith, love, and courage in the wild west.

My thoughts: I loved the historical detail in this story and throughout the whole series! This is the 4th book in the Montana Gold series. While it can be read alone, I think it is best enjoyed reading the series as a whole and in order, since the characters from the previous books make appearances and Maisey's story starts in the other books.
I thought it was fascinating how this book deals with some of the difficulties that pioneers faced, especially when Maisey is kidnapped by the Salish. Things become even more mixed up when she and Rob grow closer together, only to have her jealousy threaten their growing relationship. This story is full of interesting history, unique characters, and layers of emotions. I enjoyed it tremendously!
I received this book from Just Read. This is my honest review and is in no way influenced by receiving a complimentary copy.

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